The European National Run

The „National Run“ is the biggest annual event of the Bandidos movement in Europe .The location normally changes every year. The Run is mandatory for all European federations and their member chapters. Everybody shall ride to the destination on a motorcycle.

On the Run many brothers from different Chapters from many European countries and overseas brothers find each other and refresh old times, spend time together and it brings sparkles in their eyes.

Latest in the beginning of the year, the location of the Run is published and Chapters start to prepare their trip. Many brothers connect it with their summer holidays and some bring their entire family.


Most Chapters value the trip on the road and plan it with many stops at the respective Chapter clubhouses on their route.

One of the highlights at the event, is the annual award of new coming „Vida Miembros“, who are announced on stage Saturday night.

Mostly every year we have the whole European Bandidos movement in one big bike pack, riding side by side and that ride gets the goose spots on most of the brothers.

The event is organized by the „National Run Team“, which consists of voluntary workers from all over Europe and the „European El Secretarios“, including all prospective individuals, who are carrying out work shifts on all posts 24/24.

Every year we try to improve and bring up the quality of the Run, learning by doing. The goal is to make all brothers to return riding back to their homes with a big smile and a lot of motivation, to keep up the good Bandidos lifestyle.

National Run impressions


National Run 2013 – Girona/Spain


National Run 2014 – Mass-Carrara/Italy


National Run 2015 – Empuriabrava/Spain


National Run 2016 – Empuriabrava/Spain


National Run 2017 – Arles/France

Anniversary celebrations

All member federations of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“ are having member Chapters with Bandido brothers, who are participating in the „Biker Scene“ as Bandidos MC members, since more then 5 Years. Some in Europe do so since more than 30 Years.
Every half-decade, from the day a Bandidos MC member grants Probationary status, the respective person gets honored by his Bandido-organization with an anniversary patch.

Anniversary party impressions


Bandido Didier 1%er, original member from Bandidos MC Marseilles Chapter France is replacing his new Anniversary Patch on his vest.


Bandido Kok 1%er, „National Presidente of the Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“, hands over an Anniversary Patch to a member of a local Chapter.


Anniversary presents from other Bandidos MC Chapters are given to local Chapters on their anniversary Parties. They will be placed in their clubhouses later.


Lost brothers….like all people we feel the sadness and sorrow whenever a brother pass away, and we feel the need to remember and honor them and we do that in several different kind of ways.

No matter when or why a brother dies, maybe in a MC accident, or in his bed of bad health or any other way, the Bandido brotherhood always take care of the funeral and all matters regarding the last farewell, we do that in close relation with the brothers family so that they also have a final say on what the ceremony should be like.

A Bandido funeral will always be attended by many brothers from all over, this is something we really take a great honor in, and most brothers show up on their bikes for the pack ride and follow behind the red and golden flower decorated coffin to the final resting place.

Every year we honor and remember our departed brothers with a Memory Run, riding our bikes, sometimes we meet at the place where the brother passed away and together ride to the cemetery to have a moment of silence and some remembering words, showing our love, loyalty and respect.


Also in this regard we organize an annual Poker Run, a special run to raise funds to support the departed brother’s children and family, always taking care of the family left behind, to let them know we will be there for them whenever needed.

Most of our clubhouses have a Memorial Wall inside with pictures of our lost brothers.

We have a long standing tradition to place and wear a “Memory Patch” with the name of the brother who passed away on our “waistcoat” uniform as a personal honor.

We have a saying in the Bandido Nation, “Our brother passed away only to join the forever chapter, and ride alongside all the brothers who already passed” GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Funerals impressions