Wolfpack riders contest

For a long time we’ve been thinking of the idea, of a patch for those Bandido brothers, who really put a lot of honor and commitment in riding their bikes, as much as possible and a little bit more.

We know for sure, that all brothers love riding their bikes and this patch doesn’t mean, that brothers holding the Wolfpack patch are any better or worse for that matter, than all other brothers in our great Bandido movement.

The old Wolfpack patch was first worn in the 70’s in the Bandidos MC homestate of Texas – USA and we took this name, as it reminded us of the great Bandidos MC packs, we all used to watch in awe, riding the highways of Texas and later became a part of, so it’s with much „Love, Loyalty and Respect“, that we chose to revive the name Wolfpack and bring it back to live.

In 2012 our original plan was, to have one patch for those brothers, who rode at least 20.000 km in one season, then they could wear the patch the upcoming season and if a brother did this three seasons in a row, he could keep the patch for good, but this was a little to harsh and too much for most brothers to accept, so we came up with a new plan.

First we got the support to set the mark at 15.000 km in one season and then we could reconsider and evaluate after one year, to see if the brothers embraced it. This was the red Wolfpack insignia and brothers really came into it and more and more were asking how to do and so on, really a success we must say (….and more and more were asking how to receive it. We must say, it really became a success). We decided to go on, but to put some competition and a little challenge into it. We came up with a new structure for the next plan.

In 2013 (came up a new plan) the new plan, we divided the patch into three categories:


Red Wolfpack: 15.000 km (original)


Black Wolfpack: 25.000 km


Golden Wolfpack: 35.000 km


This was an even greater success, brothers who already had the red Wolfpack wanted the black and a few also the golden patch, and more and more brothers joined the „Wolfpack Crew“ all over Europe.

In 2017 we also added one more category:


Platin Wolfpack: 50.000 km.


And in 2018, the first 2 Platin Wolfack patches were handed out already.

Bandidos pack back in the 70th in the U.S. state of Texas.

3.0.8_ LS_Wolfspack

Bandido Daugbjerg 1%er from Northcoast Chapter Denmark is a Patchholder of the „Golden Wolfspack“. With only one leg, he rode more than 35.000 km within 6 month on his trike.

Well done Daugbjerg!

German Bandidos  MC members riding in France.