Bandidos motorcycleclub Racingteam!

The Bandidos mc movement always had a finger in the local dragraces. Even from the old days in the USA, we brothers have been racing against the best of the best and mostly qualifying between the elite, ending up breaking world records.

Also in Europe brothers have been doing quite good, since the early start of the club many citizens heard about the Bandidos us first time on a race track.

The first bandido member, who raced in Europe, was our departed brother and one of the founders of Bmc in Europe, Bandido Michel Burrel „BUBU“ on his TOP GAS dragster, followed by the Danish Club member Bandido Tom, who did several years racing,in different classes, winning most and reached European champion PRO STOCK in 2007.

Another Danish Club member, Bandido Munk, became Danish champion 2003/2004 in HARLEY DRAG class.

Since 2011, the French club member Bandido Thierry has been doing good on several French race tracks, in „Super Twin class“ and became 2nd. in the French championship 2012. He is now racing in „Top gas“ and French „Pro Stock“.


Bandido Henri, from Helsinki/Finland, just finished building a „Pro Harley Drag“ and will start to race in the near future. For every individual inside the Bandidos movement, it is a honor, to participate in Harley Davidson racing and it makes us proud to represent our patch in a sport, connected to our lifestyle.

Racingteam impressions


Bandido Tom european Champion in „Pro Stock“ in 2007


Bandido Munk danish Champion „Harley Drag“ 2003/04


Bandido Theirry from France


Bandido Henri from Finland „Pro Harley“

The Bandidos Racingteam on the racetrack