Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe

The „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“ is a supraregional umbrella organisation for a set of international motorcycle clubs. In particular, the purpose of the association is:

  • to continuously advance, and propagate at the European level, the concept of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub“;
  • to organize international conventions and events;
  • to recommend internationally applicable standards;
  • to urge, that all members of the Bandidos Motorcycleclubs should take on an uniform look;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information amongst member associations;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information with other Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federations.

European Committees

Committee for legal affairs

  • takes care of the fundamental legal matters of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“.

Committee for safety and integrity

  • is responsible for protecting, and safeguarding the integrity of, the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe‘s“ bodies during meetings and events.

Organizing committee for international meetings

  • will arrange all meetings of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“, including but not limited to the „European National Run“.

The organizing committee for public relations

  • will arrange all PR activities of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“, including but not limited to administration of the website and the „Bandidos MC Facebook page“.

Office organizing committee

  • will draw up rules and implementing recommendations for the member associations and their affiliated Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapters.

Regional Federations

A regional member association shall constitute a lobby group, that, on the one hand, shall represent the interests of its members vis-à-vis the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“ and, on the other hand, shall take care of administrative and organizational duties in a self-sufficient manner.

Local Chapters

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ constitutes an independent local motorcycle club, with its members subscribing, of their own free will and on account of their memberships, to the statutes of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“, as far as the formation of will and volitional acts are concerned.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall be a private association of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, for the purpose of holding private meetings at the club house, at motorcycle events, motorcycle group trips, and other meetings. All members shall have in common, that they ride „Harley Davidson“ motorcycles exclusively.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall be a local motorcycle club, established for the purpose of allowing club members to hold private meetings, in accordance with the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe‘s“ statutes and provisions. The purpose of a „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ is to allow club members to meet in private, including, but not limited, to go on motorcycle tours together and act out the shared passion for motorcycle sports and to provide mutual support among club members and their families in times of personal distress, or in everyday life.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall be a member of a competent regional association.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall be a non-profit organization with 
unselfish motives. Its financial means shall be strictly reserved for statutory .. purposes. No one individual shall be permitted, to take advantage of expenditures that 
are irreconcilable with the following purposes, or of excessive remunerations.
In it’s role as an autonomous organization, a „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall remain independent, both of the international umbrella association and of the regional association and has no legal duties, or rights whatsoever vis-à-vis these organizations. Rather, the members of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall have taken it upon themselves on a purely voluntary basis to comply with, and to observe the statutes and rules of the „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Federation Europe“. The local association can adopt the name of „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter …“, and members of the local chapter are allowed to bear the „Bandidos“ name and all identifiers, that come with it, only if they are also members of a regional umbrella organization, and if the chapter was formed with consent from the „National Presidente Europe“.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall be a transconfessional organization, that takes a neutral and tolerant stance, towards all ideological and political ideas.

A „Bandidos Motorcycleclub Chapter“ shall reject all forms of discrimination against human beings based on race, skin, colour or ethnic, national or social backgrounds.