New Full Chapter

New Full Chapter Since 1st. May 2022 Bandidos Motorcycle Club has a new full Chapter in Denmark. Full Chapters Bandidos MC Northbay in Frederikssund. Welcome to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

4 New Hangeround Chapters

4 New Hangeround Chapters Since April 2022 Bandidos Motorcycle Club has four new Hangeround Chapters in Israel. Hangeround Chapters:Mother chapter – Arad – MasadaChapter Haifa – ExodusChapter Tel Aviv – Port Of JaffaChapter Ashdod – Citadel Welcome to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

20th Anniversary Stockholm

Bandidos MC Stockholm 20 Years Anniversary Saturday 23 March 2002 former Prospect Chapter Stockholm became Bandidos MC Stockholm. Saturday 26 March 2022 the chapter celebrated its 20 years anniversary. Guests from every corner of Europe arrived and celebrated the anniversary in the clubhouse. Brothers from Denmark defied the slightly cold weather and made the journey…

10th Anniversary Barcelona

BARCELONA 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND Spring 2022 provided an event of perticular significance for the South End Federation of Bandidos MC.The time has come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bandidos MC Barcelona Chapter. Already during the entire week, brothers and their families but also supporters from all parts of Europe were traveling to…